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Hello Rhode Island

August 19, 2010

A quick introduction: I’ve been in radio since the early 90’s when I did sales, hosted a jazz show, and produced radio documentaries at my family’s big band radio station in Florida. I took a detour from radio to work in television then came back to my first love, radio, eight years ago. In all that time I’ve argued with band leader legend Artie Shaw, rode a train through Missouri with the Kerry-Edwards campaign, and reported straight through hurricanes.

Now I’m in your beautiful state, and I’m already pointing microphones at people.

My first days have included attending Governor Donald Carcieri’s press conference about the PUC’s decision on the Deepwater Wind deal. Also, I’ve been following Congressional candidate Anthony Gemma around Rhode Island as he campaigns before the September primary election.

Speaking of elections, get ready for not one – but nine – candidate debates carried live on WRNI between now and Election Day. Both the Rhode Island and the Providence chapters of the League of Women Voters, along with the newsroom at ABC 6 have been working for months to organize these debates. WRNI has been a part of the planning and will be at the panelist table for many of these debates.

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