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Not your Grandfather’s Political Conventions

June 28, 2010

The newsroom will be covering a good deal of political action this week, as Rhode Island Democrats and Republican hold separate nominating conventions to anoint their candidates for state and federal offices.  Our political team – Scott Mackay and Ian Donnis – will be covering both events.  Over the years politics have changed, so do don’t expect these to be your grandfather’s conventions:  “These endorsements, once a crucial part of a winning campaign, do not carry the clout they once did,” says Scott. “In a state where nearly half the voters are independents and can vote in either primary, the candidates of the party insiders have been losing more and, more in recent years.”  So do these conventions mean anything at all?  Less than they did, to be sure, although they are probably still useful for rallying the troops, but not much more. 

Sticking with politics, Scott is already at work on next week’s essay, which can be heard every Monday on Morning Edition.  Scott will argue that as the sun sets on his administration, Governor Don Carcieri had his most successful legislative session yet; Scott will explore why this has happened, and to what extent it signals a new era of cooperation between the state’s legislative and executive branches.

Healthcare reporter, Megan Hall, spent part of last week in Newport researching a story about the city’s historic cliff walk, and a lawsuit filed by a Brooklyn man who was paralyzed after he wandered off the pathway and fell.  The cliff walk, which meanders three and a half miles along Newport’s oceanfront, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.  In the wake of the accident and the ensuing lawsuit, there has been a debate between those who say the city has not done enough to keep people safe, and those who say that as long as visitors use common sense, the cliff walk is perfectly safe.  You can expect to hear Megan’s story Friday on Morning Edition.

Morning Edition Host, Bob Seay, is featuring a report this week on photographer Sal Mancini of Providence.  Born in Italy, Mancini is known for his stunning black and white landscape photos and portraits.  To see a Youtube feature on Mancini, click here.

Also from the world of the arts this week, Bill Gale has a review of Hello Dolly at the Theatre by the Sea in Matunick.  Bill says the production is well done, featuring a strong performance by Tony Award winning Cady Huffman, who plays Dolly.  “It’s a terrific production,” Bill says.  “But it is an old fashioned musical, so if that’s not your kind of thing, stay away.”

That’s a quick look of some of what we are working on this week.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned.                   

Anthony Brooks

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